Team Veteran

Veterans helping Disabled Veterans

Who We Are

Mission Statement / Vision / guiding principles / values

Team Veteran's Mission

Team Veteran seeks support for the Military Veteran men and women who suffer with some form of a Disabling condition and to improve their way of life and independence and may live in dignity as they embark on their new journey. Team Veteran helps our Hometown Disabled Veterans by many things to include Wheel-chair ramps, making the home more wheel-chair friendly,
 mowing, raking, Being a friend in need, VA advice on starting claims, Advise on where to go for help, Help with shopping,
help to get to appointments.

Team Veteran's Vision

The goal of Team Veteran is to provide the necessary modifications to a Disabled Veterans home so that Veterans can have the necessary tools to accomplish living with independence in their homes. Team Veteran view this goal as a win-win for both the Veteran and their family members. Not only does such modifications benefit Veterans, but it also benefits the family by helping them to get a break from caring for their Veteran.

Team Veteran's Guiding Principles

The purpose of Team Veteran is to support Disabled Veterans and their family members by fostering a set of values. These values are to be honest with them, to treat them with respect and dignity at all times, to be loyal to them, to always put them first. We will accomplish this by never promising something we can not deliver, to always remember that they are the true heroes of this country and deserves the utmost respect and dignity one could ever give another, by being loyal to them we would not discuss or to disclose private information or what may have been discussed in confidence outside of the law requires. By putting them first we say that we would fully support them and to make sure there needs are met within our capabilities.

Team Veteran's Values

Team Veteran has adopted some of the Military's Values. These values are Honesty, Loyalty, and Selfless Service. Team Veteran decided to adopt some of the military's values because not only do they completely wrap around our core beliefs, but it is also a glue to hold Team Veteran together for a common goal.


A little about me, I grew up in Casey IL. A little Farming Town. I Married my Preschool Sweet Heart and after 6 years We divorced. Soon After that I met my wife Stephanie. We have been together since March 2006 married since November 2007. I have 3 wonderful Step kids whom I love and adore as my own.

My Education is

  1. High School Diploma, BA Business Marketing, Associates Divinity, Diploma Physical Therapy/Reiki, Certificate Supervisor Development/Fundraising

my Service Dates
  1. Regular Army / November 1999 – July 2006

  2. Inactive Reserves / July 2006 – November 2007

  3. Army National guard / November 2007 – July 2008

  4. Stuttgart Germany / April 2000 – November 2003

  5. Iraq/Kuwait / Jan 2004 – March 2004 / October 2004 – March 2005 / November 2005 – April 2006

Work History is
Janitor, Newspaper Delivery, Factory Worker, City of Casey IL, Salvage Yard, Army, Army National Guard, Truck Driver, Parking Enforcement, Tool n Dye, Car Dealership, Fast Food, Maintenance.